Monday, August 1, 2011

Jane's Corner: Poem

Maan Singh Khuarana is being Lord and Master
But little does he know Geet for him spells Disaster ;))

With nose stuck up in the Air
Not one hair out of place, it would Dare

He strides on to our screens like a Dream
Making Us FB Girls all Scream :))

Thud Thud they faint in his Wake
All over the world there are reports of a Quake ;))

But our Shernie is not Going to take any Crap
She has got the measure of him, a full size Map :))

Barryji ne lekhi maazedar Fight
To our total Delight

Their eyes Clashed
Fingers Bashed

Nose to Nose
For us A SuperMahi Dose ;))

At Mahi Mahi moments we drool
Team Geet, barryji you are Super Kwool ;))

Looks like Devil might be being Blackmailed
Naintara has him totally Nailed ;))

Cant wait to see my Queen so Evil ;))
Finally we may see a comeuppance for the DEVIL!! ;)))))


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