Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Does true love really need cupid?

Arnav and Khushi have it all planned out mentally. That they have had enough! and would not want to see each other again and then they come back to square one. Post the entire fiasco of facing humiliation from Arnav Singh Raizada and him apologizing to her indirectly as well, there is a reason for ArHi lovers to heave a sigh of relief!

Fate, puts the two in an inseparable situation once more after they realise their respective siblings are in love with one another! Now what would both of them do? In normal circumstances you wouldnt expect Arnav out of all the people to support love! But surprisingly this time he does, for the sake of his brother's happiness. He knows, he may not do it in his own life, but he would do it for another if it were to make someone dear to him happy! Hasnt this man always been that way? Right from gifting Mami the necklace she wanted just because she bailed him out when in need, to being overly protective about his sister, its comes as no surprise that he wishes for Akash's well being as well. 

So, Arnav and Khushi plan to make Payal realise the importance of Akshay in her life and play a prank on her, and guess what they succeed as well, in getting the right reaction out of Payal!

Now the question arises, does true love really need a cupid? And in this case, who is playing cupid to whom? Akash and Payal love one another. This is fact number one. But fact number two is more important in this case. Arnav and Khushi love each other too. But  the hindrance is they would never admit to it.

Love has knocked their door step with various dimensions and definitions, but the two fail to still give their relationship a name. Let me elaborate. When Khushi started grooming La, she was doing it for their love. When she decided to move out of his life, it was because she realized she was in love. But she came back once more to unite the man she loves with another woman in the most sacred acknowledgment of love-Marriage!

By the looks of it, nothing seems to make the two love struck babies budge! We at our end only hope, this fun filled track with loads of light-hearted moments between the leads, and the other two lovers eventually does break the much needed ice and make them come together!

Niharika Vidya Sagar

Must Watch


After several ups and downs  Monia sees some light of hope in her love hate relationship with Akash! Monia’s excitement has no bounds when Akash and Monia go on a quite date . Akash decides to take Monia to a pub where she will run into Jayanandi and Udaybeer. Udaybeer is mesmerized by Monia’s beauty and approaches her to initiate a conversation with her. Udaybeer starts teasing Monia on coming to a pub with a boy like Akash. While talking to her Udaybeer suddenly notices the scar on Monia’s neck that Is a sign of Monia being a princess…

Will Monia’s true identity get exposed? Will Akash come to know that Monia is a real princess? Tune in to Dekha Ek Khwaab at 20:45 hours on Sony Entertainment Television on 2nd December 2011.
Rangmunch Tv

A Son caught between FIRE and FLAME!

Yesterday my heart ached for Suraj as he faced the wrath of his family. He has always been an ideal son, an ideal brother but last night he paid a heavy price for being an ideal husband.
While Bhabho is extremely upset and angry with Sandhya for having gone and cast her vote, what made matters worse was the revelation that it all happened with Suraj’s knowledge. Bhabho could not believe that her dear son gave permission to Sandhya to do something that she completely disapproved of.

Ever since Suraj got married, Bhabho has been insecure like any other mother who feels that she is slowly losing control over her Son.
As much as we understand her turmoil, we also realize the situation that Suraj is currently in, where he is trying to do the balancing act between the two most important women in his life…one being his mother who is the reason for his existence while the other being his wife who is his ‘ardhangini’, his better half.  Suraj is walking on a tight rope where his love and loyalty towards both these women is constantly under trial.  
While Bhabho is feeling threatened with Sandhya’s presence in her son’s life, how justified is she in feeling the way she does?
We often see Men in the real world being in similar situations as Suraj. So what do you think a man should do in the given scenario? Should he take sides or just stay away?
Do tune in and watch Diya aur Baati Hum at 9pm every week night to see how the story unfolds.

Swati Ghosh

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Anant gets letters from Fans!

Unexpected gifts and sweet gestures always take one by surprise. That is exactly what happened to actor Shaheer Sheik who plays Anant on StarPlus show Navya. When Rangmunch.TV met Shaheer on the sets of the show this morning, Shaheer was ecstatic to know he has fans far and wide. He personally opened all the cards, letters and the gift that had been sent in for him.

Go on watch the video!

So this time, you wanna write to your favorite actor you know what to do! We will be more than happy to do this for you!

Niharika Vidya Sagar
Swati Ghosh

Dont You Want To HUG Her


By the end of today's episode, I so wanted to hug Manvi. Does anyone understand her ?Does anyone get her pain ? Agreed , she is a little naughty, a little crazy , a bit maskhari and sometimes unpredictable. She is a girl who  has a heart of gold and doesn't have a mean bone in her body.She only knows how to love and expressing that love  gets her into trouble.I too am from a punjabi family where in  a sangeet  ceremony "thodi cherd chad"( little pranks ) is allowed .It just adds masti and the fun element to the whole affair. Manvi doing it is no different. Unfortunately she touches the wrong chords and gets bitten by the Queen bee often. Today's episode showed a sorrowful Manvi going from  Viren, to Dadaji and finally Bhuaji seeking  for forgiveness. It was pitiful of Jeevika and Viren to see all this and do nothing about it.Hope someone sees her pain and understands her .

Manvi is a the soul of the show .She is much more relatable. Jeevika is an ideal girl who will bring all the happiness in Viren's life but Manvi is the  girl with real problems and real mistakes.She is forced to grow up much before time and as Jeevika rightly said " Tum mein ab samaj aani chahiye ". Jeevika means well and realises that Manvi will be alone from here on, but what was shown today made me realise that Manvi  is all alone from today itself. She will have to face  this world  all by herself. Her world which started with Jeevika and ended with Jeevika changes today !

Hope we see some more good sister bonding moments before Manvi says Good-bye to her sister.Hats off to Nia Sharma who has taken the show by a storm .


I, ME, MYSELF: Raqesh Bapat!


Rangmunch: What is missing in your life at the moment?

Raqesh: Peace of mind because I am too much of a thinking person. My life is actually on a accelator mode, always moving on. I'm a very creative person and with that thought my mind runs in all direction all the time. I kinda wanna achieve everything before I leave this world.

Rangmunch: What would you change about yourself?

Raqesh: Again would like to change the fact that I think too much. I would like to put breaks on my thinking too much. Rest I’m very happy with the way things are. I think I’m God’s special child and I do feel blessed for what I have in life. Yes, I do get angry and at times it leads to a very drastic situation, so I would like to change that aspect of my life.

Rangmunch: What is your biggest fear?

Raqesh: My biggest fear is the fear of losing my talent. I’m a painter and a sculptur. The day I can't do any of those things is the day I would completely  freak out. So yes, the biggest fear is losing what I love to do.

Rangmunch: What is the craziest thing you have done for your wife?

Raqesh: Well, its not been long since we have been married. But I love to surprise her. Since her birthday happened a while back, I thought of gifting her  a new wardrobe. She keeps complaining that I have more clothes than her, so finally she has no reasons to complain now (smiling at her).

(Ridhi Dogra, his wife who was right next to him, said he shops all clothes for her. Its  obvious that she is completely in love with her husband. Her smile says it all. She also further reveals that he has amazing tastes in clothes and that she totally enjoys being pampered by him )

Rangmunch: So do you let other people's negativity affect you?

Raqesh: No, not at all. I personally feel there is no negative elements in the world unless you let them happen. It is very important to be positive as there is loads of negative vibes all around one self. Your mind is like a sponge which absorbs all good and discards all bad. I really connect and disconnect  very fast. If the aura and vibes around me  are  not healthy, I would not let myself be in that situation.

Rangmunch : Do you stand up for yourself?

Raqesh: Always… rather all the time. One should fight for the right cause. Its their natural right in doing so. I also stand up for the people whom I love. I can't take injustice.

Rangmunch: What are you proud of?

Raqesh: I’m proud to have great people around me. Be it friends or family, I’m very proud of that fact. I do fight with them but in the end I love them a lot.

Rangmunch: Do you read a lot?

Raqesh: No, I do not. As a child I suffered great dyslexia. Reading was a problem and I used to find words all jumbled up. Infact I have given most of my exams orally. My mom, being a teacher helped me understand a lot orally cause that was very easily comprehended.

Rangmunch: The movie 'Taare Zameen Par' must be very close to your heart?

Raqesh: Oh yes!!! I was exactly like Eshaan. It was shocking when I saw that film. Its like me in the movie (laughing it out).

Rangmunch: Do you take time out for yourself?

Raqesh: All the time. As I said I do a lot of painting and many other extra activities. So ya, I do definitely take time out for myself. I keep my mind pro-active all the time so that helps too.

Rangmunch: One thing you are grateful for in life?

Raqesh: This life for sure. I’m grateful to God for giving me this life. 

That was Raqesh Bapat aka Aditya of  Maryada...Lekin Kab Tak on Star Plus. Hope you enjoyed getting to know him a little bit more. We promise to get more from this Maryada camp!

Interviewed by
Swati Ghosh
Niharika Vidya Sagar

Edited by
Navyanka Varma

Monday, November 28, 2011

Fun, Fans and Friendships on the sets of Humse Hai Liife!!

A youth show always brings a smile on your face for the vibrancy in spirit it carries. The visit to the sets of Channel V's Humse Hai Liife was no different. 

As the euphoria of the date night has died down, the show is now moving towards a track with more fun filled moments with Raghav and Sia's story taking a new direction. Raghav is still clueless why he was ditched despite planning such a wonderful evening and being a perfect date, and Sia finally learns of who the face behind the surprises actually was.

Amidst all this, Rangmunch.TV caught up with the entire bunch, Raghav, Sia, Arjun and Saloni off screen and allowed the camera to record on as the bunch had their share of fun reading letters from some fans of a High School in, Kharagpur (West Bengal) and reacting to them! 

Himansh who plays Raghav was so overwhelmed by some of the contents of the letter, he had to be brought back into the interaction mode just so that we could your get your High School heart throb speak and respond! 

Unlike what the show portrays Sia and Saloni aka Abigail and Heli are thick friends in real life and love hanging out together all the time! Dont miss Yuvraj's subtle yet rib tickling sense of humour!

We say no more, as we pass the baton to you all to watch this little video clip fresh from the sets of Humse Hai Liife!

Dont forget to leave your comments behind.

Niharika Vidya Sagar
Swati Ghosh

Shailaja And Eshwar : Do Second Chances Work ?

Should Shailaja give her long gone husband a second chance ? Should she give him the way to her heart and her family ?


Shailaja holds the family together with all the right values, great ideals, and correct thinking. She is the bond and the connect that all the memebers look up to.Her essence and presence is the founder of the Kashyap family.But now all seems to be looking up to her for different reasons.

Recently Eshwar's entry has created a havoc in the Kashyap household.His coming home has stired unexplainable emotions in Shailaja.At times we see her melting and at times we see her withdrawn from Eshwar. As a wife she wants her husband to be there with her and as a woman , a grave wrong and injustice  has been done . She is a bag of mixed feelings which is not getting an opening. Eshwar's mother feels Shelja's pain and understands her from a woman's point of view. But is all this enough to forgive Eshwar?Today we see for the first time Shailaja questioning Eshwar as to why he left their family and was the life he lead in US more fulfilling than the one he left here ?Eshwar without mincing  words apologises from his heart and accepts his faults and wants another chance.Knowing the soft, calm and the large heart Shailaja has , will she find it in her to give Eshwar a second chance ? Will she have a complete family again? All we can do is wait and watch .Do tune to Sasural Genda Phool on Star Plus at 7.30pm


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Awww and Hawww Moments of the Week!

Navya: Navya has finally come to live with the Bajpai's and Anant cant contain his joy! Knowing the strict family he comes from, this lover boy should know he cant be showing this on his face or through his actions. But what makes up for the awww and hawww quotient of the week is how, his entire family is shocked to see their son behave a little weird just because of a girl. In the process of wanting to set things right for her, he is messing them all up even more!!!

On the love front, Anant is going out of his way to make sure Navya is comfortable in his house. They end up talking on the phone call night discussing and consoling one another, only to realize its 4 am in the morning and they would have to be up soon!

Ek Hazaro Main Meri Behna hai: Virat this week brings in an interesting twist into the story, as the family's joy knows no bounds as they see him sing after ages. The expressions on everyone's faces as well as Virat's regret soon after, as he realizes he has broken a promise he had made to himself ages ago thanks to Maanvi, for sure makes you all go Awww!!! There is always something nice about these men with a tough exterior and a soft heart.

Geet Hui Sabse Parayi: Its been a hawww filled week on Geet-Hui Sabse Parayi with one blow after another. First Vikram sends a tape to Geet and her family giving them a live demonstration of how he has immolated himself to death, and then later obviously resurfaces with more evil and devious plans. But what shocked the wits out of the audience this week is how Geet, after being convinced that Vikram is dead, walks into an empty farmhouse sending Maan off to work. Maan also promises to join her soon as the work come up is inevitable. After having surprised her with flowers and pictures in the farmhouse, Geet is lead into a dance with a masked man, whom she presumes is her husband only to realize at the end is not! Vikram is still alive and is he ready to even kill Maan to have Geet all to himself!!!

Parvarish-Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi: This new show on Sony, finds its place in the awww category, with the natural chemistry that they have tried to bring across through parents and children. 

So Pinky, whose daughter Raavi has fought with her comes to live with her aunt. Pinky regrets this later and sends in a cake for a daughter to make up. While all our eyes glistened up watching the sequence we did take a moment and go Awww!

Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon: Arnav just loves hurting Khushi doesn't he? This week he takes a dig at her once more by making her realize she cant afford the dress she is forcefully made to get into by La. Arnav perhaps in his own twisted way, has been helplessly trying to scream out to Khushi that she must pick him and not be with another man, since he has constantly been comparing her state with his status and what her fiance cant be or do! When Khushi breaks down to cry after facing this humiliation, Arnav cant see this either, he is quick to regret and move out of that place since he knows he cant see her crying!! Hawwww..... Isss Pyaaar Ko Kyaaa Naam Doooooooon.... Iss Pyaar Ko Kyaaa Naam Doon ?

Hawan: Never have we seen Baapji so helpless and down.Everyone seemd to be silently questioning Baapji as to why he couldnt save his own flesh and blood Atharva.The whole house is in fear of loosing Atharva and all we see is Baapji meditating with emptiness and sorrow in his eyes.There is definately a mystery to all this which probably will cone to light next week.The strong,silent and resilient personality turned ,shaky for the first time. Awwwww, Baapji, we understand the helplessness you are feeling ...

We will be back again soon, while you ponder on. Have a great week ahead.

Niharika Vidya Sagar

News Baar :The Week Back And Forth

Dharampatni : The last episode of the week  ended with Mohan deciding to start his own work and not follow the family business. Everybody is very happy but the one person who is disappointed is Baapji. He obviously had different dreams and seeing them not being fulfilled is hurting him . Kastoor and Mohan are coming close which is not going down well with Mohan’s mother.  Will all this complication in the family result in Kastoor and Mohan bridging the gap or grow more distant? Keep watching Dharampatni on Imagine Monday to Thursday.

Parvarish,Kuchh khatee, Kuchh Meethi: Who said raising kids was child’s play ?This week onwards Sony TV airs the story of 2 sisters and their individual families. Where one sister is a true blue Hitler, the other is a bucket of emotions. Pinky  the younger sister is complete a jelly mass  of emotions and cries at  a drop of a hat whereas Sweety thinks only from her head and is a hard core practical mom. Both are doing a great job of rearing their kids but growing kids are a different ball game all together. Recently Pinky’s daughter,Raavi moves to her Masi ‘s house after a tiff with her mom. Pinky misses her daughter but at the same time realises that her other two kids are feeling a little left out and that she has been unfair to them . Soon all is sorted out between the sisters Pinky and Sweety and they also make up with their kids. At the end all get together for a family meal with their Papaji.To see more teenage problems and how they are tackled , keep seeing Parvarish Sony TV.
Big Boss Season 5: Cat fight turns malicious. Too hot to handle is what comes to mind when one sees as to what has happened in the past week in Big Boss. The FIGHT between Pooja Mishra and everyone is on a high but what blew out of box was Pooja man handling Sid. The physical  push , the abusive tone and the screaming probably was heard miles away. The guys also left no stone unturned. Both Sky and Sid were at each other’s throat and were absolutely taunting one another at every step of the way. On the other hand Amar, Pooja Bedi and few house mates were on a  quite note. A shocking entry to the house was Sunny Leone. I must say she maintained a dignified stance and didn’t let the cat out of the bag as to her identity. Pooja  Mishra’s  sudden elimination  didn’t come as a shock. So hang on tight to your seats as things are getting HOT and HOTTER in the house.

Yahan Mein Ghar Ghar Kheli : After seeing two Karans on the show the creatives have come up with the double role track yet again, this time with Abha. Will just have to see how different the makers treat this double trouble. This week showed a distraught Abha looking for her lost daughter. Karan too had a premonition from his side as if things were going wrong. But things ultimately worked out till the goons came and everything just HALTED ! The next thing you see, is a changed Abha in the Swarn Bhawan shocking everyone. Gone are the agyakaari, sushil and polite bahu. Replacing her is raw, raunchy and highly unpredictable one. Looks like it is going to get very interesting from here on and like everyone else we, would also like to know “Where is the real Abha?”  So keep tuning on to Zee TV every weeknight.   

Sasural Simar Ka: The week of all rona dhona has been replaced with rage, anger and disbelief .Simar  has gone and gotten married to Siddharth which has left the entire household in complete shock. The one person who just can’t fathom such a preposterous step is Prem and Roli. Mataji very cleverly and cunningly threatened Simar in getting what she wanted. Now Simar being Simar  is giving her marriage a  second chance  just so that Prem can accept Roli .Even Siddharth is baffled by this and has nothing to say. To know whether this step of Simar will destroy or give a new beginning to Prem, is what is to be seen. Keep watching Sasural Simar Ka On Colors.
Do keep  watching  as the weekend is over and a new week is about to commence .We will be back next weekend . Till then take care

Enemy Lurking in the corner: Geet Hui Sabse Parayi

It seems like tough times are never to end in Maan and Geet's life on StarOne's Geet-Hui Sabse Parayi what with evil Vikram having shot Maan landing him in a hospital. So obsessive is Vikram's love for Geet that he has held her captive , from where he thinks she will never be able to escape. However, knowing of Maan's state, Geet leaves no stone unturned to get to him as soon as she can. She manages to break open the glass window of the room where she has been trapped, in order to get to the love of her life, her husband Maan.

The scene was shot in less than two takes in about 10 minutes, and it did require some real stunts like breaking a real glass. The through professional that Drashti Dhami is, she continued to give her shot despite having cut her hand while enacting the scene. The entire unit cheered and clapped for her applauding her courage and professional behavior. 

The scene was shot by Director Shashank.

In the upcoming episodes, Geet will be shown trying to escape from Vikram's clutches as she tries to reach Maan. Vikram who is totally besotted with Geet learns of her having escaped and goes following her, after having struck Lucky who also happens to reach the venue.

Will Geet be able to reach Maan on time or will Vikram get the better of her yet again? Well, you will have to watch the episodes forward to find out!

While you wait on, we leave you with a video and a few pictures that you could make do with until the episode finally airs.

Niharika Vidya Sagar
Swati Ghosh

Friday, November 25, 2011


Rangmunch brings to you the Top 10 shows with their TRP’S

Saath Nibhana Saathiya( Star Plus)    
Television Ratings : 6.13%
The show has never  been stronger than before

Balika Vadhu (Colors)
Television Ratings : 6.09
The show keeps its second spot safe.

Kaun Banega Crorepati (Sony Tv)
Television Ratings : 5.84%
The finale week was the highlight which  gave a safe zone to the reality show .

Dia Aur Baati Hum ( Star Plus )
Television Rating :4.20%
The show is doing very well and climbing the charts steadily

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata  hai ( Star Plus )
Television Ratings : 4.17%
The intense drama continues .

See full size image
CID ( Sony )
Television Rating : 4.12%
Mystery and Intrigue keeps CID on the sixth Place.

Bade Achche Lagte Hai (Sony Tv)
Television Ratings : 4.09%
The Australian Honeymoon and light moments for the couple are working for the show.

Crime Patrol( Sony)
Television Ratings: 4.0%
The show gives a dose of reality horror which has given rise to a good TRP.

Pratigya ( Star Plus)
Television Ratings: 3.58%
The show needs to pull up as it is slipping and has landed at no 9 spot.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon ( Star Plus )
Television Ratings: 3.50 %
The show which claimed No 6 place last week has slipped to number 10.Too much pain is giving the show a low place.

Till next week , have a great weekend

Rangmunch Tv

Arnav gives Khushi heart burn!

The lastest episodes of Iss Pyaar Ko Kyaa Naam Doon have been nothing but hard to deal with for fans, what with Arnav constantly trying to hurt Khushi in a way that hurts her the most.

On learning Khushi is engaged to another man without his knowledge, Arnav is all out to prove a point to her. He tries to confront and question Khushi only to get defiance as an answer in self-defence.

Since he had no other way to take it out, Arnav chooses to taunt Khushi by telling her how her fiance is of a lower status and how he will not be able to fulfill her fantasies. Whats worse, Arnav goes on to constantly humiliate Khushi by doing things that insult her, like he deliberately makes Lavanya wear a necklace she picks.

The last straw was last night, when Arnav sees Khushi dressed in a bridal attire and is so taken in by her that he ends up rubbing her on the wrong side yet again by saying he would gift the dress to her as a tip. This leaves Khushi totally shattered and heart-broken as she is later seen crying to Lavanya, that one is better off in a dreamland, as harsh-realities often leave one heart-broken!

The two share an amazing connection like always and he is there to witness her moment of break down. This leaves him totally disturbed and he leaves from there.

But the question here is, Arnav in the process of hurting Khushi is totally oblivious to the feelings of Lavanya, who perhaps is totally smitten by the man and looks forward to leading a life with him. While the women do walk away with all the sympathy, Arnav Singh Raizada who is unable to make up his mind and is using all the   wrong buttons to take his life forward is worth empathising with also.

In the coming week, Arnav will take more drastic steps to ensure he gets his peace of mind restored, but it is to be seen if it will make matters worse or better things for the three!

Niharika Vidya Sagar

What the F*$#?: LOVE IS A 4 LETTER WORD!

And now you’re thinking, poor Anand, he’s really been working too hard. Or he’s just been in this cockamamie business way too long and now it’s time for the gents in white coats to come and take him away and put him in a nice quiet room with padded walls, some extraordinarily long length of chain and maybe a steady diet of 240V of electricity won’t be such a bad idea…

After all take away love and what’s left in the movies? You may call a movie Bodyguard, but it’s really just a love story between a girl and a bodyguard. And you may have assumed Rock Star was about an Indian Morrison or Cobain, all about rage against the system and artistic angst but well it was just a love story between a girl and a rock star. And TV’s no different – a show could be about a dacoit or about vampires or even dictatorial didis but ultimately all these species, male, female, human, inhuman do fall in love and that’s what the show’s about.

Put simply on screen love is the one thing you can’t do without. So what the hell am I blathering about? Well let me remind you this column focuses primarily on what happens off screen in the process of creating the on screen stuff. And I assure you, off screen love is the one thing all producers, directors, creative directors, channel people can completely do without. In fact Pachaas pachaas kos door jab koi film/tv waala bahut oonchi udaan udta hai toh Big Boss (as in God) kehta hai –zameen pe aa jaa champoo, varna hero heroine ke beech mein love karwa doonga.

Now I’m sure, the question you’re dying to ask is – what’s so bad if two actors fall in love. And the answer is –


On a film/TV set, time is money. Every second that’s not spent in actual shooting involves the producer haemorrhaging lakhs of rupees. Trouble is when an actor and actress fall in love, the last thing they want to do is enact pretend love scenes in front of the camera. They would rather spend hours locked up in the make up room/vanity van/hotel room doing these scenes for real…

Well it is possible that they’re just getting into character, building up the romance and passion so that it shows up powerfully on screen but then it is also possible that there were actually WMDs in Iraq and it’s just that no one has found them yet, it is possible that Raja, Kani, Kalmadi are just innocent bystanders and it definitely is possible that pink elephants exist and can fly!


This without question is a film crew’s second worst nightmare - Actor and actress fall in love off-screen. But on screen they’re not playing lovers. Trouble is most actors haven’t mastered switch on, switch off. So on screen Actor A is telling Actress B – Tu meri sister jaisi hai. But their looks are saying Bistar kidhar hai?. And God forbid, they’re actually playing brother-sister or father-daughter or… forget it, this is just getting totally sickening…

And let’s not forget the jealousy factor – Actor C who is actually paired opposite Actress B, hugs the latter a tad too tight. At least Actor A who’s B’s off screen beau thinks so. Bas, mahabharats shuru.

A v/s C for overstepping his limits. Then A v/s B for two-timing him. Then A or B or A and B v/s writer and director for having a hugging scene in the first place… 


The biggest screw up with a couple is that by definition, a couple wants to be together, to do things together, it’s two for the price of one. But a couple on a shoot is twice the price and twice the traas. Say heroine finishes her shooting by 6 and wants to go partying. Only trouble is who’s she gonna go out with if not her boyfriend. But said gent still has to shoot for at least a couple more hours. Ghanta. He’s going to call off shoot and head off with his lady love. They’ll be painting the town red while producer will be banging his head.

Or suppose the producer/director/another actor has had a tiff with the hero. Suddenly two people are giving them stress about dates, wanting the script and lines changed, refusing to do scenes with the other actor – everything is now in Dolby stereo... It’s fully Toone kiya panga toh main bhi karoongi danga…



This of course being the shooting crew’s number one worst nightmare!!!

If you thought a couple in love were bad news, wait till they fall out of love. Now she doesn’t want to even look at him, forget hugging or kissing him – and that passionate bedroom scene – well guess what – this picture is no longer in danger of getting an A rating. Hurrah! It’s also in severe danger of not getting completed…

Cause now when he says - Darling, his look is saying Daayan. Her lips are saying – Tum kitne achche ho. Her eyes are howling –Tum kitne tuchche ho.

And then the real games begin. “I think this scene should be just on me, we don’t really need her.” “I think instead of that love song, we should have an item number picturised just on me.” “I’ll give you 5 more dates but put in an item song which has me and that sexy Brazilian model whom I’m trying to patao.”

Put simply when the actor and actress on a film or TV project have a break up, the crew has a collective nervous breakdown. And sometimes the entire project has a shut down. Remember Milenge Milenge – the film released 5 years after the lead couple broke up…

But I must confess an actor and actress getting involved with each other is not the worst fate that can befall a shooting crew. That distinction is reserved for the situation where a producer/director is involved with an actor/actress…

‘Nuff said.

Anand Sivakumaran

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Australian Honeymoon

The slight nok-jhok  that goes on between Ram( Ram Kapoor) and Priya ( Sakshi Tanwar ) has always been  appealing to the eyes. But what is catching the attention of the viewers is the slight light moments shared by the unusual couple.

After  a lot of persuasion from Neha , Vikram and Dadiji, and having fall short of excuses to cancel their imminent honeymoon, Ram and Priya  of “ Bade Achhe Lagte Hai “have finally landed in the dream destination AUSTRALIA.!!

The honeymoon sequence has been shot in Sydney and will be profiled in 8 episodes starting 21st November. Living up their screen persona , the couple will be shown living a high profile life indulging in some of the most exclusive experiences which include sea plane rides, a cruise and other adventure sports.They will also visit luxurious properties like Wolgan Valley and enjoy the experience of Opera House, the Bondi  beach, market streets in Sydney and Central Business District etc.
As the story moves forward, one would see twists , and turns which will give high turning points to the show. This all will unveil in the upcoming episodes .So don’t miss Bade Achhe Lagte hai on Sony Monday to Thursday at 10.30 pm.

Navya Varma