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Top 10 Shows of The Week-3

Rangmunch.TV is back with the TRP Rating for the week 16th to 22nd January 2012. Lets see what the weekly report card suggests about our favourite shows on Television. To know the score card of your favourite shows check the following link.

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Twist in Tale: Sawaare Sabke Sapne Preeto!

Twist in Tales: Saware Sabke Sapne Preeto

Sawaare Sabke Sapne PreetoImagine Channel’s popular show is all set to introduce a new love angle in the story. To read more visit the below link.

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Must Watch Shows!

Now you can read the must watch shows on the Rangmunch website !

Must Watch Shows!!!

Please find the link to today's must watch shows:

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Rangmunch.TV Live on World Radio!

Episode 2

Besides reading and viewing our contents on Rangmunch.TV, you all can also hear us live on Radio.

Rangmunch.TV has tied up with Shah Peerally Productions and have launched Rangmunch Bay Area, CA only on KLOK 1170 am.

For all those who missed our first two episodes that were aired recently, here's the link to both. 

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Also don't miss to hear Kushal Tandon's message on Rangmunch Bay Area!!!

So do listen in and leave your comments behind !!! Also tell us what is that you wanna hear on the show!!!

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International Segment : Must Watch

Supernatural Season 1
Star World,

After learning that their father has been captured, the brothers go to the friend and fellow hunter Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) for help. However Meg tracks them down but is caught underneath a mystical symbol known as Devil's Trap which renders them powerless. The Season finale "Devil's Trap" shows the confrontation between the Winchesters and the Yellow Eyed Demon, diabolic author of their tragedy and all miseries. In tonight's episode one would also witness Meg's exorcism which is  both frightening and touchingly sad, and most importantly, breathtakingly exciting to watch, so do tune in at 9pm as the last episode of Season 1 will surely leave you speechless.

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International Segment: Recommends Humsafar! Episode # 18 Review – The Woman and Mother in Me!

Author’s note: As I begin to pen down my thoughts on this episode, I realize what a mammoth task I have ahead of me. Where do I begin, how do I convey something as intangible as emotions that this episode has evoked in me? The woman in me, the mother in me is well aware of what I have gained watching Khirad but the writer in me is worried if I will indeed do justice to the way the character has been built and portrayed in this episode with mere words. But as I have always said, words are all I have…..

The castle that Sara had painstakingly built in her head about Ashar accepting her in his life gets shattered when she finds Khirad back in his life. But Sara being Sara does not lose much time in finding a way to rectify the situation and she ends up calling the one woman who has understood her obsession with Ashar. Farida is shocked to learn about Khirad being back in her son’s life and promises that she will return home as soon as possible and set things right. The extent of her hatred for Khirad is evident when she regrets not putting an end to Khirad’s pregnancy.

Even though Khirad realizes that Ashar is a great father she is loathe to even think about letting him back in her life. And on the other hand, though Ashar refuses to forget what Khirad put him through, he acknowledges the fact that Khirad would never try to get back into his life. 

The Woman in me!

While Sara wants to possess what she loves by hook or by crook, Khirad wants to do what is best for someone she loves even if that entails sacrificing her wishes. Hardest, most impossible thing for a mother to imagine is to be away from her child. But Khirad acknowledges the effect Ashar has on her daughter’s happiness and is willing to sacrifice her love for it.

The Mother in me!

Ashar’s mother has been acting for her own selfish gains in the name of her son’s happiness. Khirad’s world begins and ends with her daughter, Hareem and her welfare. One gets to see Sara’s mother, Zarina’s desperate attempt to get her daughter to realize her folly in waiting for something that is never going to happen. But it is the classic case of ‘too little too late’.

Rangmunch Memorable Moments

RMM#1 The scene where Ashar tries to find out from Khirad about her delivery is undoubtedly one of the best scenes of Humsafar. Masked in simplicity in both its execution and dialogues, it conveys a depth to Khirad’s pain and emptiness that leaves us shaken to the core. In that one moment when she says, ‘Agar is baat ka talooq Hareem ki ilaaj se nahi hai, to main is sawaal ka jawab dena zaroori nahi samajhti’, I felt a thousand needles prick my heart making it bleed till I felt her emptiness deep within. 

All the suffering that she went through flashed before my eyes leaving a fresh pain in my heart that no amount of tears could heal. I still feel it when I think of this scene. Need I say more? Kudos to writer Farhat Ishtiaq and Sarmad Khoosat for once again giving us a scene that compels us to walk in the character’s shoes.

(Shortlisted Favourite scenes from Humsafar fans will soon be posted under Fanspeak International section) 

RMM#2 How can I not mention the scene we have all been waiting for? Khirad vs Farida. Good vs Evil. Love vs Hate. Selflessness vs Selfishness. Both are mothers. But they are poles apart when it comes to the virtue of being a good mother. The scene where Farida wakes up Khirad to warn her not to open her mouth regarding the past reiterates the difference between them. 

While Khirad stands tall with her head held high and faces Farida head on without so much as blinking an eyelid, we find Farida trying to hold herself straight and look Khirad in the eye while threatening her with dire consequences. Khirad’s dialogues taking a dig at her questionable love for her son hits the bull’s eye. Khirad's strength comes from her unconditional love for her child, Hareem.

Rangmunch Special Mention

Sara’s obsessive behaviour gets a new sheen whenever she appears on screen thanks to the flawless performance of Navin Waqar. She has right from the word go, grabbed the role, made it her own, and is sure to leave a stamp as one of the most brilliant performances of a star in a negative role. From her trademark smirk to her look of manipulation, she has it pat on.

Precap of Episode #19

What goes around comes around. So it does for Sara and Farida in the form of Khizer, their partner in crime. Only now, he resorts to blackmail to get what he wants from Ashar’s mom. Will she bow down to Khizer’s demands or find another way to deal with him, as she cannot risk Ashar knowing about her role in the death of his relationship with his wife, Khirad? 

Links for previous reviews on 

You can find the links for Humsafar on facebook official site -

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Daksh to Quit Star Plus’s Maryaada!

Our Star Plus Show Maryada lekin Kab Tak, inspite of its bold story line and strong star cast, is unable to garner good TRP ratings and has been under a scanner.
Recently there was a news that the show was to go off air on 25th January 2012. However the viewers and the makers breathed a sigh of relief when it got an extention. The ongoing justice and courtroom drama against Brahmanand Jhakkar, so far has been quite gripping and engaging for its audiences.
But looks like all is not well with the cast of the show and as per the latest news....Read more about the article on our website.
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Endearing Suhana and her clear hearted ways!

The last few days have been extremely hard on poor Suhana, what with her dealing with the fact that her husband has been seeing someone on the sly. Suhana totally trusts Ishaan and loves him too. She would never think he would imagine cheating on her. But many times in life, it is not the strength of a relationship, but the its weakest point that gets tested the most.

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International Segment: Laugh it off with a brand new 24 hours Laughathon Channel ‘Comedy Central’

Get ready to laugh your head off with an exclusive English channel dedicated to Comedy arriving in India. Viacom18 Media Pvt Ltd, responsible for introducing channels like MTV, Vh1, Nick, Viacom18 motion pictures and Colors to India, added a sixth channel to its bouquet by launching the most popular comedy channel worldwide, ‘Comedy Central’ on 23rd January 2012 in India.

Laughter cuts across age groups and gender like none other and the variety of shows will cater to youth and mature audience alike. It will broadcast a mix of genres ranging from sketch comedy, British comedy, and Stand-up comedy to sitcoms and gags.

‘Comedy Central’ will showcase the best of English comedies that includes some of the most popular shows abroad like ‘Saturday Night Live’, ‘South Park’, ‘The Office’, and ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’ to name of few. It will also include movies during the weekend.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

According to Ferzad Palia, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Viacom18, India is ready for a 24-hour comedy channel, which will present shows handpicked from across the globe keeping in mind the Indian audience. The channel plans to move beyond television and offer on-ground comedy festivals and tours. Creative agency, BBH will be launching a ‘laugh it off’ campaign in the first week of February to promote the channel.

‘Comedy Central’ will be available across analog and digital cables and DTH. The dish networks in India will be including the channel to their kitty within a fortnight.

Starting Feb, Indian audience will have a laugh a minute channel to switch on to LOL, ROFL, and generally relax with more than just a smile. 

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A Musical Contest only on Rangmunch.TV!!

As Valentine’s Day is just round the corner, Rangmunch team have decided to run a Video-Mix(VM) contest for all its viewers. The details of the contest are as follows:

When they came a full circle: Arnav and Khushi

For all those that have been anxiously waiting for the teri-meri dance sequence between Arnav and Khushi on StarPlus's Is Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon, today turned out to be more than what one asked for. Packed in the dance sequence was a series of emotions, that redefined the Arnav-Khushi love story once more. While the choice of song couldn't have been better, one could see the seething pain the two hearts experienced at being together finally! 

At first Khushi could not believe Arnav had come all the way only to help her out. After all, he had poked fun at her just a while ago. So when she saw him on stage, she knew he would perhaps humiliate her. Her already wounded soul, couldn't take it any longer! But surprisingly for her, Arnav when least expected not only gave her words of comfort, but also pushed her to do her bit by complimenting her in every move throwing her totally off-guard.

But what was interesting to note, was the way their signature tune Rabba Vey was blended into the dance sequence so beautifully. By the time the steps moved to this bit, unlike earlier the moves were slower as though both Arnav and Khushi were ready to live all the moments they had shared together in the past at this very moment! All the times he had hurt her, today was the day he would heal them all! In fact, he does it with ease! When she is around Arnav, Khushi is always a different woman! Today she discovered a deeper facet to their equation, as she allowed him to come a step closer into her life!

Smart execution creatives! Very well thought out. Each of their past encounters today came full circle as he picked her when she fell, pulled her close to himself and readily was willing to listen to his heart for once. We now know why the head and heart conversation happened a few minutes ago! So much was he taken in by the moment, Arnav Singh Raizada could listen to nothing but his heart, its beats and the name that continuously echoed!

The man looked happier, shocking everyone else around him! But, was that just a momentary lapse or are we finally going to see their story move forward? After having infused so much hope within a span of 6 odd minutes, the makers for sure have given us reasons to smile and have sleepless nights! We hope this sense of realization and happiness lasts beyond just this one night!

Niharika Vidya Sagar

News Bar: The Week Ahead!!

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon on Star Plus

The Payal Aakash marriage celebrations are full on and as the promo suggest our Jalebi Bai and Laad Governor will be seen dancing on a romantic song. So will this moment of togetherness give birth to the Arnav Khushi love saga or will Shyam’s vicious plans pull them apart?

Balika Vadhu on Colors

Gehna and Vasant get angry and accuse Anandi for siding Rameshwar, so that she can earn more popularity among the villagers. Will Anandi be able to get Vasant to forgive her? Will she be able to keep the family together?

Bade Acche Lagte Hai on Sony Entertainment Television

Priya’s presence has brought about a positive change in Ram. He no longer takes his pills and enjoys her company too. However, his fondness for Priya is not going down well with Niharika. What will be Niharika’s next move? Will Ram realize that his fondness for Priya is nothing but love?

Maryada Lekin Kab Tak on Star Plus

Uttara finally gets to know the truth about Brahmanand Jhakkar and feels ashamed of herself. She decides to settle her scores with Brahma and join hands with Devyani and Priya. All the four women of the Jhakkar parivaar have declared a legal war against Brahma. What will be Brahma’s next course of action? Will Priya be able to get justice this time around?

Parichay on Colors

Seema advises Siddhi to make a conscious effort towards building her relationship with Kunal, such that a Richa cannot manipulate the situation. Siddhi who is already in love with Kunal decides to work on her marriage and expose Richa’s true intentions before Kunal. Will Siddhi succeed in making Kunal realize her love for him? 

Diya aur Baati Hum on Star Plus

Sandhya is at a loss as Bhabho refuses to listen to her and thinks that she instigated Preeti to say things on her behalf. How will Sandhya prove her innocence to Bhabho? Will Suraj continue to extend his support towards Sandhya?

Keep watching your favourite shows and have a great week ahead !!

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Must Watch Shows on Life OK!

Devon ke Dev – Mahadev  at 8:00pm

Madanike and Sati get stranded in the jungle due to the storm. They get separated from each other and are really worried for each other’s safety. Seeing them in trouble all the devotees start praying to Shiva. This awakens Lord Shiva, who takes his Rudra roop and comes between the storm and Sati.
Sati is extremely happy and mesmerized to see that Mahadev himself has come to protect her. She holds his hand and looks at him lovingly.

Could this be the start of the first ever love story of our universe? How will Mahadev react now?

Tum Dena Saath Mera at 8:20pm

Abhilasha is leaving to go back to her in-laws’ home, but Manan stops her at the last minute. He tells her that he has got a promotion with an increase in salary and now they can buy their own house. Abhilasha gets really happy and decides to stay with Manan.

However the couple will soon realise that after taking care of their individual expenses and that of their family back home, they will not be able to save money for their new house.

How will Abhilasha and Manan’s married life go from here?

Dil Se Di Dua – Saubhagyavati Bhava at 10:00pm

Dadi finds another way to stay at Jahnvi and Viraj’s home. She gives a Krishna idol to Jahnvi and tells her that it will protect her from all kinds of trouble. Viraj is seeing all this through a secret camera that he has installed in Dadi’s room. Viraj does not like what he sees and is clearly thinking of another sinister plan.

In the upcoming episode, Dadi will be seen walking towards the secret room that Viraj always keeps under lock and key. She is wondering what could be behind the closed door and wants to somehow open it. Suddenly, Dadi gets startled by something coming from behind.

Who or what takes her by surprise? Is Dadi’s life at risk?

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Sing a song:The untold story!

Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai on Star Plus

Viren and Jeevika land up in Goa. The honeymoon couple share some cosy intimate moments together. Jeevika at one time even gets jealous on seeing Viren dance with another girl in the restaurant. She clearly states that she is extremely possessive about Viren and cannot see him with any other woman. Viren assures Jeevika that she is the love of his life and no one can replace her ever.  Here’s a song dedicated to this romantic on screen couple as they experience marital bliss.

Khulte bandh hote labhon ki ye ankahi
Mujhse keh rahi hai ki badhne de bekhudi
Mil yoon ki daud jaayein nas nas mein bijliyaan

Baahon ke darmiyaan do pyaar mil rahe hain
Jaane kya bole mann dole sunke badan
Dhadkan bani zubaan
Baahon ke darmiyaan

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha on Colors

Nanhi’s act of innocence puts Megha in an embarrassing situation, before her family as well as in the neighborhood. She gets furious on learning that Mohan helped Nanhi in publishing the matrimonial add. Mohan too realizes his mistake and tries to apologize, but in vain. On seeing Nanhi bond with Mohan, Megha not only slaps her but also warns her to stay away from him. While everyone in the Vyas family misses Amar, here is a song that beautifully describes the void that dwells in the life of Megha and her two kids.

Chithi Na Koi Sandes

Jaane Woh Kaun Sa Des
Jahan Tum Chale Gaye
Is Dil Pe Lagaa Ke Thes

Jaane Woh Kaun Sa Des
Jahan Tum Chale Gaye...

Parvaarish kuch khatti kuch meethi on Sony Entertainment Television

The viewers got to witness some happy moments on Parvaarish, wherein Sweety and her entire family were happy to find their daughter Ginny safe and unharmed. On the other hand, happiness also dawned on Pinky’s family when Jeet’s boss calls him back on the job. However, all these misfortunes made the children of both the families realize the harsh realities, become responsible, and bond with their parents more strongly. As they say, every cloud has a silver lining. So here’s a song which describes the ups and down of life that we all go through.

Har Ghari Badal Rahi hai roop zindagi
Chao hai kabhi kabhi hai dhoop zindagi
Har pal yeha jee bhar jeeyo
Jo hai sama, kal ho na ho

Sasuraal Genda Phool on Star Plus

Finally, all misunderstandings ended between Suhana and Ishaan. Sona shows the divorce papers to Badi Ma which revealed about her break up with Abhishek. She also apologises to Suhana, for insisting Ishaan to be discreet about the whole situation. So happy days are back again in Ishaan and Suhana’s life. In addition, its celebration time for the entire team of Sasuraal Genda Phool for successfully completing 500 episodes. Here’s a song dedicated to this beloved couple of TV-pur.

Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaye
Jab Koi Mushkil Pad Jaye
Tum Dena Saath Mera, oh hum nawab
Na koi hai, Na koi tha
Zindagi mein tumhare siva
Tum dena Saath Mera oh hum nawab

Hope you enjoy this lyrical journey with your favourite shows and jodi!

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DID Judges and their Bollywood Connection!

Acclaimed choreographer Terence Lewis whose name is counted amongst the most popular choreographers, said that though at the start of his career he had choreographed for RGV's ‘Naach,’ but after that he refused to take up any Bollywood project and doesn't have any plans to work in the Bollywood industry as of now. He said that teaching an artist from the scratch, bringing the best out of him/her and making things look great with the twist of camera angles is something he does not appreciate. He further said that dance is his passion and he loves seeing nothing but the best on stage.

The choreographer owns a dance academy in Mumbai and masters in various dance forms like Indian folk, classical and contemporary. Terence has also choreographed various Bollywood shows, corporate launches and international stage shows as well.

On the other hand, Geeta Kapur swears by her association with veteran Farah Khan, whom she considers like her mother and feels secure and protected in her light. Geeta also declared that she would always lend a helping hand to Farah incase she needs her support for anything and anytime.

Farah Khan has also been her guru and she idolizes her more than anybody else. Geeta’s association with Farah for Sheila Ki Jawani proved to be a hit. They had never thought that this item song would create ripples but they are extremely happy with its popularity. Geeta also hopes to bring out many such item jigs in the near future.

Currently both Terence Lewis and Geeta Kapur are judging the dance reality show - ‘Dance India Dance’ on Zee TV. They are the kind of judges who never insult contestants, rather tells them to work harder on their dance.  

We hope that choreographer Terence and Geeta continues to enthrall the viewers of Tellywood and Bollywood with their great dancing skills.

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Balaji Productions and Apara Mehta join hands once again!

Television actress Apara Mehta, who essayed the character of Leela, on  Colors show Hamari Saas Leela, will soon be back on small screen with Balaji Production’s Kya Hua Tera Vaada on Sony Entertainment Television.

This is the second time when the actress will be doing a Balaji show, after the success of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu thi, where she played the role of the  critically acclaimed Savita Virani, Tulsi’s mother-in-law.

Like all her previous shows, this time too Apara will be donning the role of Mona Singh’s mother-in-law. However, unlike the other mother-in-laws on television, her character will have a positive influence on her daughter-in-law. In other words she will be playing a postive character in show. 

Apara quips that she is really blessed to have got a chance to work with Balaji Productions once again. She says that her first serial with Balaji brought her a lot of fame, and she is looking forward to her new role in ‘Kyaa Hua Tera Vaada’.

The story of “Kya Hua Tera Vaada,” revolves around Mona (played by Mona Singh), a beautiful woman, who loves her family but her primary priority is her three kids. Her life revolves around her children and her husband Pradeep (played by Pawan Shankar), who knows that Mona’s love for him will never fade away. Both have reached a comfortable zone and the nature of their love is an all-encompassing, understanding and a forgiving one, where the need to rekindle fiery romance is not as important as PTA meetings and the next family holiday.

The show is slated for January 30, 2012 release, and if sources are to be believed, this new show is based on Salman Khan starrer superhit flick ‘Biwi No.1’.

Balaji is back with its famous K letter after a long stint, and we hope that this ‘K-factor’ also proves to be a lucky one for Apara Mehta like all others and wish her Good Luck!

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Experience the best sounds with MTV Gatecrash !

If you are a music lover and love being a part of the live shows, then here is a good news for you. 

MTV channel has initiated its new offering titled as MTV Gatecrash. This will provide the fans with an opportunity to attend the music events happening across the globe. Infact, not only music events but carnivals, music festivals and any type of cultural events. The fans can avail this privilege through MTV Gatecrash and witness the live events. 

MTV Gatecrash is expected to start by the end of this month followed by a music festival titled as Storm. This music event will be taking place in the beautiful scenery of Coorg, Karnataka. Storm will see the faces of 30 acclaimed artists performing, which includes BREED, Pear, The Raghu Dixit Project, Nikil Chinnappa, Judge Jules and last but not the least Indian Ocean

Business head of MTV India Aditya Swamy said that this is an initiative by taken by the channel to encourage the youth to become a part of the music events they always wanted to be. He also said that this is not only restricted to the music festival Storm, but they will also spread the awareness about how to preserve the environment and reduce the usage of plastic. 

Don't miss out on the MTV Gatecrash ticket, hurry! You could be the one to witness the magic of the best sounds in the live entertainment.

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

International Segment: Dial ‘Zee Café’ for Drama!

Zee Café, a channel that has always taken care of inducing laughter into our lives has on its platter five arresting dramas that cater to our emotional sides as well. ‘Private Practice’, a medical drama, ‘In Plain Sight’ delves into witness protection – a side of crime we have seldom seen, ‘Parenthood’ hits the lows and highs of being a parent, ‘$#*! My Dad Says’ based on caustic remarks and amusing quotes by a septuagenarian dad and ‘No Ordinary Family’ is one that highlights the extraordinary talents of an ordinary family as they come to terms with it.

In Plain Sight, Season 3
Mon-Fri @ 9pm

The show revolves around tough-as-nails yet sensitive Deputy United States Marshal, Mary Shannon (Mary McCormack), attached to the New Mexico office of WITSEC commonly known as Federal Witness Protection Program. She is partnered with her best friend, Marshall Mann (Fred Weller) whose cerebral approach often clashes with her gut instinct causing a friction between the two. With friction present, can sparks be far behind? 

Mon-Fri @ 10pm, 4pm

As the title suggests, this is a family drama revolving around one family in particular headed by Zeek and Camille with grown-up children Adam (Peter Krause), Sarah (Lauren Graham), Crosby (Dax Shepard), and Julia (Erika Christensen) and the challenges they face in their day today life. The way they deal with them and the choices they make will either bind them as a family or rip them apart.

Private Practice, Season 4
Sat-Sun @ 9pm

This series is an offshoot of the hugely popular drama, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, following the life of Dr Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) after she leaves Seattle Grace Hospital and relocates to LA and joins a private practice, Oceanside Health & Wellness Group alongside her friends from school, Sam (Taye Diggs) and Naomi (Audra McDonald).

$#*! My Dad Says
Mon-Thurs @ 2.30pm, 5.30pm

This show is an offshoot of a book and a twitter feed by @shitmydadsays about a son’s musings on his septuagenarian’s quote a minute marathon. William Shatner plays the character of a 72-year-old grumpy retiree, Ed Goodson, and a dad of two grown sons. When his son Henry moves into his home, Ed takes it as a second chance at fatherhood.

No Ordinary Family
Sat-Sun @ 8pm

This sci-fi meets crime drama is about the dysfunctional family of Powell’s, on the brink of breaking apart who go on a vacation as a last ditch attempt at salvaging their fast dwindling bond with each other only to return with extraordinary powers when their flight goes through a thunder storm. The show highlights their coming to terms with their superpowers as well as the knowledge that they need each other to deal with it. Michael Chiklis plays Jim Powell, a police sketch artist who is super strong is married to a scientist, Stephanie (Julie Benz) gifted with incredible speed. Their children, 16-year-old Daphne Nicole (Kay Panabaker) is telepathic while 14-year-old JJ (Jimmy Bennett) acquires vast intelligence.

Whichever dish you choose from the above menu, you will soon find yourself munching on it to your hearts content. You will most definitely relish it and come back for more. At Zee Café you find more than just a steaming cuppa! 

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