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Must Watch Shows

Indian Idol
Sony Tv,8.30 pm
Big Emotions, Bigger judges and best talent. This season of Indian Idol promises that and much more.Get ready to embark on a musical journey that will touch every heart, move every soul, inspire thousands and entertain billions.
Indian Idol Premiers on June 1st, 2012 every Friday and Saturday at 8:30 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television!!!
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha
Colors,10.30 pm
In tonight’s episode Mohan will confront Megha  and tells her that he knows  that she is also in love with him.After hearing this Megha slaps Mohan. Things get fiery between the Two of them, but the question remains, will the long suffering widow admit her growing feelings for Mohan

Aasman Se Aage
Life OK,
Meenakshi takes DC ‘s permission to go back home and see her mother. DC asks Bobby to go with Meenakshi and take the camera crew along the shoot the drama at her place. Akshat’s family also comes there.
What will happen now?Will they accept the relationship?

Twist in Tale: Aasman Se Aagey!

As viewers have already seen that there is no love lost between DC played by Apurva Agnihotri and Meenakshi played by Ojaswi Oberoi in Life OK’s ‘Aasman Se Aage’, produced by Sagar Arts 72 Degree North.

Now it seems that the show is set to further raise the level of fun and excitement soon. DC, who never misses any opportunity to show Meenakshi in a bad light, will once again enter into a rift with her. It so happens that after the striptease act performed by Akshat in the round, DC will ask Meenakshi to
perform an item number, landing her in a fix.

On refusal by Meenakshi for performing the act on moral grounds, DC goes ahead and supports her competitor Karishma. These will lead in creating differences in both their relationship. Will Meenakshi be able to overcome this situation? 

This and more only on Life OK’s ‘Aasman Se Aage’.

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Swati Ghosh

Hiten Tejwani to do a cameo in Sony TV's Kyaa Hua Tera Vaada!

Television heartthrob Hiten Tejwani is all set to woo his fans once again. The latest reports suggest that the veteran actor who has been essaying the role of a father to four grown-up kids in TV serial Pavitra Rishta has been roped in by the makers of Kyaa Hua Tera Vaada.

According to the sources, Hiten will be seen playing the role of a young business tycoon in Kyaa Hua Tera Vada on Sony TV. 

Hiten, however, said that he is happy to have bagged a role in Sony TV's serial and he added that playing various onscreen roles amuse him and he loves to experiment with different characters.

Hiten will star opposite Priya Chauhan as Taani in the serial. It is also being said that Hiten's cameo might bag him a permanent role in the forthcoming episodes of the serial. 

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Swati Ghosh

The D3 Team Unplugged with Rangmunch.TV-Video!!

True to the title of their show the Dil Dosti Dance bunch from Channel V are a fun lot. They are a family that eats together, works together and plays together! When we got the entire cast together along with their Director Annirudda Rajderkar, The Project Head Palki Malhotra and writer Priya Ramanathan together and asked them to pose questions to one another, look at fun and banter all of them got into!!!

This is just part 1, there is more to come! So do watch out for this space, cos there is more of Dil, Dosti and Dance ...!!!

Niharika Vidya Sagar
Swati Ghosh

Men – In Black, White and Gray!

No, we are not talking about Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in “Men In Black 3”, although they are fighting to save the world, my mention here is the “Men” in the current show “Phir Subah Hogi”.

What an interesting array of colors! Every human is bestowed with the richness of these colors, except that one dominates the other two shades in all of us. The men in “Phir Subah Hogi” are not spared either.

The men in this show are more dynamic than women and fascinate me to no end; no pun intended. Yes, granted the show is all about women rebelling against abusive traditions and customs, but the men are the main instigators of these rituals and customs. Men are the only animals in the world to fear! Of course barring a few exceptions…maybe.

All men are not slimy warthogs.  Some men are silly giraffes, some woebegone puppies, and some insecure frogs.  But if one is not careful, those slimy warthogs can ruin it for all the others.  ~Cynthia Heimel~

Very well said, as we see these very slimy warthogs, in the disguise of Jwaala Thakur, Hukum or the countless other rich Thakurs, preying on the women in the name of customs and traditions. They have become so accustomed to their religious lies, that they do not notice the stupidity, cruelty or the atrocity of teaching this very religion in the village. They are so compelled to believe in their religion, that they do not even engage in the thought of questioning their belief. In fact, a shadow of doubt or skepticism in their mind is a heinous crime, provoking the wrath of the divine.

As George Bernard Shaw, so rightfully said, “Custom will reconcile people to atrocity”; the atrocity in the life of a bedni, is the reality of the women in this village. This custom alone is a huge hurdle in Suguni’s fight for a better life. This custom alone is a roadblock for Suguni, even as everyone takes “Sita Maiyya’s” name in every breath, and continues to blindly follow the path of degrading a woman! Atrocious indeed!!! And the Thakurs are hell bent on keeping the “bednis’ lives in dark for their physical and carnal desires.

I heard someone say that, “A gentleman is simply a patient wolf.” And my mind conjured up Vikram Thakur! He is the progressive Thakur from the city, trying to help Suguni in her fight for freedom, by being her friend and constant advisor. He is definitely smitten with Suguni, yet he does have a lot more at stake, for him to come and house in the village. He definitely brings up the image of a wolf; silent, cunning, contemplative and gets close to his prey, in stealth, be it Suguni or to settle scores with Jwaala Thakur. Vikram Thakur is that shade of gray, which can be misleading and dangerous, as he goes about with a poker face, never that ultimate goal out of  his sight.

As humanity advances, more it is degraded. What an unfortunate state of affairs. Aditya, the city boy; educated and lovable, yet his past continues to rule his sanity. I wonder if education degrades the human mind more? Away from the village that gave him pain, he is innocent and pure in his heart, enjoying his crystal clear life in the city. All the whiteness in his own city life had blinded him to the shades of reality in the world. He is hell bent on blaming a bedni for the break up of his family, not even for a single moment, realizing that he as the son of that village and his father as the Thakur of that village, are equally responsible for his broken childhood. I hope that Aditya, goes through a spring cleaning of his thoughts and learn to forgive and move on.

In the midst of all these varied shades of life, here is Suguni, the lone crusader, fighting for justice, starving for her rights and the rights of every young girl in the village. Words have the greatest power to motivate and they are the bricks and mortar of Suguni’s dream on the build. Will she be able to find the right shade to complete her dream, is yet to be determined. But she unconditionally and unconsciously lives her life breathing in the fact; that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams and no “MAN” is going to put a stop to her dreams!

Never let the hand that is holding you, hold you down, and I hope Suguni, irrespective of who is holding her hand, is courageous enough to move forward, sometimes alone and other times with support, in her journey to make her dream a reality.

Alima Livsletlivs

The Invisible Crack Emerges

My last article reflected on how Viren has emerged as the perfect husband to Jeevika ,a perfect brother-in-law to Manvi and and perfect brother to Viren-in whole "The perfect man". Also I had put forth my views and fear as to Jeevika and Manvi's close sister bonding becoming a source of concern in Jeevika and Viren's relationship.Viren has always stood by Jeevika through her most trying phases.He has been exceptionally patient with her and her thoughts on Manvi. Off late with Manvi being diagnosed with cancer, the fear of Jeevika obsessively turning into a basket case , ( sorry for using that ) has come true. Jeevika has always been shown the mature and sensible sister of the two , but now is a  complete wreck(understandably) who is constantly keeping a check on Manvi and monitoring her every move. Don't get me wrong, it's great to have such a wonderful sister who is there always unconditionally but her paranoia concerning Manvi  is creating problems not only for Manvi but for Viren too.

Who doesn't want constant care and love. We all want to be loved unconditionally , without any stipulations. But do we want to be blanketed by that love? The answer is no. A little space and breathing place is necessary for that love to nurture and grow. Jeevika is not wrong to be shown obsessively caring about Manvi as their bond is unique, but isn't she loosing her perspective as a wife to Viren , who has always supported her no matter what? I also agree the crisis is severe,and the thought of loosing someone who is closer to life itself is unbearable , but do we loose our objectivity over this ? Honestly , I wouldnt  know , since I have never come crossroads to such a situation, but one thing I am sure of , that you try to be there without crowding that person.

Manvi has already started to realise  Jeevika's mind being too  preoccupied with her  illness.The latest promo also suggests the same.Now the question is will Jeevika strike the right kind of balance between her sister and her husband? Already we had Viren venting out to Jeevika as to how overly protective she is becoming of Manvi, of how she should just let  Manvi be . The crack has happened  and Jeevika is oblivious to it. Will she turn about in time to rectify her actions before its too late? Only just has to wait and watch. All I can say is that Jeevika is in a very precarious situation and she needs to understand how to handle that. Tough road ahead for Mrs. Viren Vadhera !

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sneak Peek

Two  and a Half Men
Star World,

Charlie is dating a self assured woman who plays hard to get, easily dismisses him, and he finds it disarming.Rose gets Charlie to see that his new lady friend, Sherry ,is in his head because she is just like him; a self centered, manipulative, narcissist.Charlie debates breaking it off.Alan and Jake fiercely battle wills over Jake doing his home work.

Master chef Junior
Star World,

The scoreboard is reset to zero as the Top 8 take on a three-part basic skills test and a team challenge. The basic skills test consists of whisking cream, podding an exact 300 grams of peas and finally – making the perfect scrambled eggs. The second test divides the eight into two teams of four as they do a tag team style cooking challenge. With guest chefs Matt Moran and Justin North coaching, it’s anyone’s game

Must Watch

Balika Vadhu

In tonight's episode, we will see Shiv declares Kewal Ram as the contractor for the canal project which enrages Het Singh.Shambhu and Het Singh threaten Shiv for this .Anandi warns Shiv that Het Singh is capable of doing anything.Gauri talks to her mother about the recent problems she and Jagya are having.Her mother advices her to look for a job for him.

Ruk Jaana Nahi
Star Plus, 6.30 pm

Sanchi tells Indu to accept her as his wife but Indu insults her and leaves.Sanchi and Mehak seems to be hatchinga plot.Indu comes back to the canteen where his gang his hanging out and tells them about what Sanchi said.

Aasman Se Aage
Life OK,

Karishma's mother insults Malti and Poonam by calling them theives.Malti and Poonam leave and go back home.On the other hand Akshat tries to convince his parents about Meenakshi. Will he be able to convince them?

I, Me, Myself - Mohit Raina

The tall and handsome chap with simplicity written all over him has bowled millions of people over with his aristrocratic appearance as  Lord Shiva, in the mythological TV Series 'Devon Ke Dev, Mahadev'. He has literally brought shiva on earth with his spectacular and true to heart performance. Meet Mohit Raina who is not new to the Televisison world as he has done shows like Chehra and Ganga Ki Dheej, but it is his current character, Shiva that has created rage among viewers of all age. Lets get to know a little bit more about this charming Kashmiri lad.

Rangmunch: Who is the first person you would turn to when you need help?

Mohit: My Mother

Rangmunch: Was there ever a time when you were frightened for your life?

Mohit: Never

Rangmunch: What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Mohit: Mahadev

Rangmunch: What is the best compliment you have received till date?

Mohit: There was this old lady who told me that when she was praying to lord Shiva, she saw my face. I consider that a huge compliment.

Rangmunch: Are you an impulsive person?

Mohit: No.

Rangmunch: Do you tend to get sarcastic?

Mohit: No

Rangmunch: Do you analyse your past actions?

Mohit: No

Rangmunch: Are you more of an extrovert or introvert?

Mohit: An Introvert.

Rangmunch: Which is that one thing you would love to innovate?

Mohit: Hmmm… Nothing

Rangmunch: What if you woke up the next day and realized you were bald?

Mohit: (ponders for a moment)..My makeup guy and the team of Mahadev would be really happy. The makeup would be faster and my wig would fit more appropriately.

Rangmunch: If you were not in this profession, what would be your other dream profession and why?

Mohit: I would have opened a restaurant. I am a big foodie, so ya I would have gone into the restaurant line. I plan to do that very soon.

Rangmunch: What kind of cuisine you like?

Mohit: Italian.

Rangmunch: Something you craved for when you were young and was denied?

Mohit: I was a cricket lover and in Kashmir we used to get this really beautiful willow bats which were very expensive. I wanted that desperately. It took me a while to get it but I got it sometime later.

Rangmunch: Describe yourself in a word or a sentence?

Mohit: Charming (says with with a mischievous glint in his eyes).

Rangmunch: On the scale of 1-10,what did you think about this interview?

Mohit: Well, 8..(laughingly).

Rangmunch: Why would you log on to Rangmunch?

Mohit: I would log on to Rangmunch as I would wanna read all the comments  and feedback from various place and taking time out from their busy schedule and write what they feel about the show and my character.

(As told to Swati Ghosh and Niharika Vidya Sagar)

Edited by:
Navyanka Varma

‘How I met your Mother’ returns with season 7 starting tomorrow @ 11.30 pm on Star World India

Missing Barney and his barneyisms? I sorely do and am thrilled my wait will soon come to an end. I have no idea when my enthusiasm to find Ted’s wife dulled and the need for a daily dose of Barney’s quirky one-liners and crafty pickup lines took over but whatever be the hook, you wouldn’t want to miss season 7 of ‘How I met your mother’ starting tomorrow @ 11.30 only on Star World India.

‘How I met your mother’ is an American sitcom about the everyday life of five friends – Ted, Marshall, Lily, Barney, and Robin - with the voice over of Ted Cosby from the year 2030 telling his son and daughter about how he met their mother. The narrative traces Ted and his friends’ journey from the year 2005 charting their romantic entanglements in a humorous vein. Marshall and Lily are Ted’s best friends from college who end up a married couple after long courtship in season two.

Robin enters the group as Ted’s love interest but their romantic relationship fizzles out and they remain friends though it is hinted once in a while that Ted stills holds her dear. Watch out for some Ted/Robin moments in season seven. You might like to know that Robin is the last one Ted confesses his love to before he meets his future wife.

Season six finale left us with an image of Barney’s wedding set making us wonder whom he was getting married to. Could the bride be Robin who still has feelings for Barney? Will their on-off relationship culminate in marriage during season 7? It was also hinted that Ted will meet his future wife at Barney’s wedding. Is it time for THE revelation – Who is the lucky woman Ted ends up with? Or do we have to wait another season as the show has recently been renewed for season 8 starting September ’12. At the end of the season six, to Marshall’s elation, Lily reveals that she is pregnant. 

I wouldn’t want to miss an event like Barney’s wedding after all the man has been a devout and proud serial womanizer through the seasons. Catch season 7 starting 31st May @ 11.30 pm on Star World India.

Neeraja Unni

Messengers of Love Welcome Mohan back into Meghas Life!!

I have always been a die hard romantic and moments that capture the walking in of love always have left me anticipating for more! Having watched the show for over a while, I have always enjoyed the subtle yet sweet Mohan and Megha romance blossom slowly yet steadily. Last night as I noticed Mohan corner Megha, though it was something that I felt came too early in their story ( well, they could have saved the moments for a more mutually consented confession) I also felt Mohan needed some answers. Lets not forget he is a man in love and his heart knows no logic at the moment.

He did his bit as a worthy reporter, but he also did what he did because he loves Megha. He wanted to see her happy but he also knew his happiness also somewhere is intertwined with hers. That is why when he was hurt he decided to leave as he knew he would not be able to take the pain of having her around and not having her at all as it would kill him!

But the moment she stopped him, his heart signaled him to hope for more. He made his stance clear this time around. He made her know, that he could stay back but the reason for it this time would solely be her! Was she ready for it? May be not! But she did want him to stay and he read that in her hesitation as well as her denial. 
At this point in time, saying I love you is immaterial as she knows it already. We hype I love yous so much on TV, that we end up thinking the words hold most weight-age. Sometimes we say I love you mom, I love you dad, I love you best friend, but when we say I love you Lover, it changes the entire scenario.... 

Having learnt, he did stand a chance in bringing back the lost happiness and love in her life, Mohan Bhatnagar, with renewed spirits made a royal come back into Mrs. Vyaas's life all set to make her his! Love has this uncanny ability of walking into your life just when you are not looking!  

The subtle smile on her face, didn't go unnoticed by him. Mohan sped his way back into Meghas life last night, determined to conquer his love. The Pigeons in the backdrop crystallized the welcoming of love, as they have been messengers of love from time immemorial! Somewhere we know now, that Amar has given his consent to take a new course of life. The hug between Nanhi and Mohan somehow seemed to complete the family picture for me. It was just beautiful. 

tere is ishq main
hum dil se gaye
hum jaan se gaye ...
hum dil se gaye
hum jaan se gaye...
na bole tum na
maine kuch kaha .....
One cannot deny, Mohan has made a place in Meghas life by now, whether he will cement himself in her heart just the way she has in his life is something that will be interesting to see. Smooth and Sensitive execution by Maan Singh and the apt imagination of Sonal Ganatra only made the last scene worth reflecting over! The clouds of love have made their place in the sky! I cant wait for it to pour soon... and I shall then sit back and watch these lovers play in the rain of love!

Niharika Vidya Sagar

Top Ten Shows of the Week (30th May 2012)

The TRP Ratings for the shows during this Week are as follows.

Fiction: (Regular Television Dramas)
  1. Diya Aur Baati Hum- Surajs confession has pushed the ratings of the show to  5.5 making it No 1 as always.
  2. Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai with the Sisters drama is second this week to with 3.8 
  3. Balika Vadhu with its new ray of hope and romance in Anandis life fetches it 3.7 
  4. Yeh Rishta has a new stalker and the audience are loving it, hence 3.42
  5. Saathiya- Will Gopi Vahu become a yogya patni?  3.2 it is this week!
  6. Punar Vivah - So has Yash begun to love Aarti?  2.9 is surely a good sign for the show!
  7. Bade Accha Lagte Hai  scores 2.6 thanks to the leap and all the drama surrounding it!
  8. Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon does better this week with 2.5!
  9. Pavitra Rishta manages to stay in the Top Ten despite fall in numbers with  2.45
  10. Uttaran and Sasural Simar ka have a tie this week and end up at 2.4!
Non- Fiction Shows (Reality and Other TV Shows)
  1. DID Little Masters- The little kids never fail to impress fetching the show 4.03
  2. Crime Patrol-  stays strong with its realistic portrayal at 3.6
  3. CID with 3.1 never fails to impress!!
  4. SatyaMeva Jayate falls down in 2.95 from 3.0 this week. Didnt like the dowry episode as much did ya?
Misses of the Week:
Parichay at 2.3 and Pratigya at 2.2 have missed the bus this week! We hope they manage to make it to the list next time around!

Rangmunch Recommends: 
Star Plus's Ek Doosre se Karte Hai Pyaar Hum is the story of a Gujraati Family that has a bahu who has a heart of gold. But is it always a good thing? 1.84 in its very first month, and a steady growth in numbers only shows the audience are warming up to the show.
Suhane Sapne Ladakpan Ke A new offering on Zee TV that has managed to grab a TRP of 1.59 in its very first week! This tale of two cousins is interesting to watch. 
With the revelation that Amar Vyaas is innocent, Mohan has not only managed to win over Meghas heart but also the entire familys. The show Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha has scored a 1.6 this week.

Rangmunch Tips: Watch the show on the Television during its Telecast Time if you want the TRPs of your favourite shows to go up!

We shall be back next week with the new set of ratings!

Niharika Vidya Sagar

Sneak Peek: International Shows

Star World,
Cops and Robbers
A crew of bank robbers disguised as classic television doctors take hostages which include Castle and Martha. But things are complicated by the fact that Beckett's on the outside having her every move scrutinized by a hostage negotiator and Castle's on the inside with information that the hostages are just a distraction for a more ominous plan
Beckett: Listen to me, jackass. I do not control traffic, so you're gonna have to give me 20 minutes.
Trapper John: Now you got one minute, Kate.
Beckett: No. I've got 20. Do you hear me? 20. Because if you pull that trigger, I will walk through those doors and personally put a bullet through your skull.
Trapper John: Okay, Kate. You got 20 more minutes.
Peterson: Well, that's one way to negotiate.


‘One world is out  of the window’-Weathering the harsh elements  sparks  new battles between the sexes , and poor communication leaves castaways scrambling at a frustration-filled immunity challenge, on the show.

Must Watch Shows

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Colors,8.30 pm
In  tonight's episode, Padmini has the flashback of all the things that has happened to her.Suddenly she finds Trishna missing and gets worried.Latershe finds her with Roma holding a candy bar.Roma is shocked to know Padmini's story and asks her to stay back and earn for herself as a junior artist.Meanwhile Balraj leaves for Mumbai in search for Padmini.
Byah Hamari Bahoo Ka
Sony Tv,
Gopikishan or Krish, is yet to be bitten by a love bug. He takes one look at Rajnibala and realises that she is his soulmate.Overlooking his fiance' Paulomi's  opinion-who councels him tobe be sure before taking a plunge.Krish decides tofollow his heart.
Sajda Tere Pyar Mein
Star Plus,
M.P sits in Julia's roomand remembers her,his mother comes there and warns him to control his emotions.The next day M.P brings Mehreen( Aaliya) home and his mother doesnt like it.M.P's mother shows Julia's stuff and warns her to stay away.
Aasman Se Aage
Life OK,
DC  tells Akshat that he doing the right thing by supporting Meenakshi.But how will Akshat introduce her to his parents as his dad is a big businessman and Meenakshi is the daughter of a maid.DC's statement puts him in a dilemma.Akshat tells Meenakshi that he does not want his parents to meet her mother.

Kya  Hua Tera Vaada
Sony Tv,

Office drama just got spicier, now with Mona, Anushka and Pawan all under the same roof. Pawan’s dilemma continues in his workplace with Mona joining his office and Anushka keeping a close eye on him.

Will office dynamics change with Mona in the house or will Anushka come up with a wicked plan to kick her out of Pawan’s life once and for all? 

Twist in Tale: Amrit Manthan

Dramatic elements are going to be infused by the makers of ‘Amrit Manthan’ on Life OK in a filmi style. This will be seen in upcoming episodes and is done with an intention of drawing viewership.

The upcoming track of this show seems to have got some inspiration from Shor, a Manoj Kumar film, wherein the hero takes part in a cycling competition for the purpose of earning some bucks.

In this show too, Navin Bangu, who plays the role of Agam has taken the decision of participating in a cycling competition because he is in need of money for setting up his Dhaba.

After participating, he will cycle 3 days non-stop. Dimple Jhangiani, who plays the role of his wife, Nimrit, supports him throughout. Agam succeeds in winning this competition and these tough times will bring Nimrit and Agam, closer.

Edited by:

Swati Ghosh

The Little Munchkins – Ansh, Payal and Palak

               Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.

Give them hugs, you get bountiful hugs back; shower them with love, compassionate they become; instill values and morals, good human beings they grow into; reprimand them with the right discipline, they know to differentiate right and wrong in life; give them plenty of kisses and blessing and you get kids confident in their parents’ love and support. Love and support that can only give the children the much needed courage and security to become successful as they grow.

Ansh, Payal and Palak – the three little munchkins stealing our hearts in the show “Punar Vivaah” are no exception.  They are sweet little toddlers who have a loving family, pampered to the hilt and their whims and fancies fulfilled.  Yet they come with insecurities, they miss the unconditional love from a mother or father; they miss that steady and comfortable blanket of security that only a father and mother together can give to a child. This the tender age, when children make create images that can never be erased.

It is the fact of life that girls and boys are wired differently, right from birth and they are also disciplined differently. Boys are in constant motion versus girls. Girls are more prone to thinking constructively than boys. Boys can be more emotional despite being boys and girls are much more confident in handling their feelings. Girls are all for delayed gratification versus boys who need instant gratification. And I see all these qualities in our three little firebrands.

Ansh, the extension of Aarti’s life and the apple of the Dubeys; a toddler missing a father’s love in his life, a toddler who dreams to have a normal family as every other kid. He is pampered and is adored by the Dubeys. He is the reason for Aarti’s survival and he is the reason for Aarti opting to remarry. He is loved, hugged and kissed with lot of assurances. There has been a remarkable change in Ansh from the inception of the show to now, and it was so skillfully portrayed. Be it his naughtiness and stubbornness in the beginning, or his very demure and mature interaction with the family, he has grown quite a bit. He needed instant gratification and assurance that Yash would be his Naye Papa, and once that was established, all he saw was the big picture and his future being secure. He was all ready to cooperate because he sees the upside to it. The upside goal was more important to him than anything else in the whole wide world, and it was easy for him to adapt to the new situations and new restrictions.

The prim and proper Payal and Palak on the other hand, despite having a loving father, are the by products of constant discipline, boundaries and a dearth for hugs and kisses.  No shouting, no playing in the rain, no getting dirty, no talking at the dining table; every act is disciplined and controlled. Being motherless and deprived of those constant hugs and kisses from other members of the family, they have grown to be quite and insecure and of course a constant need of their father in their life. And then comes Ansh, vying everyone’s attention, warranted or unwarranted. It is very natural for the evil face of jealousy to surface. Young and innocent toddlers, having lost their mother and a witness to the attention that Ansh is getting, it is so very natural for them to feel insecure and neglected.  And who can blame them, when what they see is what they understand in their tender minds. And unfortunately we as viewers seem to be critical of these innocent ones. Well they are just learning from their elders!

A person is a person, no matter how small or young. And children are no exception. It should have been the responsibility of the parents to explain the situation to the young minds. It should have been the parents who took the time to reiterate to these innocent minds, that there is an upside to the whole situation. As the story progresses, I can only hope that Payal and Palak will get their fair share of being loved by their Naye Mama. I hope that they get their fair share of spending time with their Naye Bhai. I hope that they will be treated as people who, though young can understand the importance of sharing and being nice to others.

It is important that we treat our kids with respect and love, as they would be watching our every move going through different phases of lives. We as parents are their educators and children hang on to our every action and word. And they unconsciously ape their elders. Besides, as adults we tend to learn a lot from our children, from being patient to pulling our hair out!! How can we not love them whether they are our own or not? How can we not nurture them as delicate flowers, to avoid their innocence from wilting. It is important to remember that as we teach our children about life, they are teaching us what life is all about.

Ansh, Payal and Palak are adorable and doing a super fantastic job in the show. My wish is to see these three little rascals becoming a riot in the Scindhia Mansion and driving Mrs. G up the wall!!! My wish is to see them become “The Three Musketeers” and change Mr. Scindhia’s attitude. My wish is to see them create some beautiful memories for Yash and Aarti as their parents. And I wish for Yash and Aarti to build their children’s future with self-esteem, confidence, security, loads of hugs and kisses as they journey together as a family.

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Madhubala---Parda Style se utth hi gaya!

Nautanki films---it’s all in your name. Kahaani fultu filmi hai boss! It was worth the wait. What a magnificent launch for the much awaited Madhubala- Ek Ishq Ek Junoon. The curtain raised and it unveiled a spectacular world on the other side where we got to see an enthralling casting sequence, magnificent sets and glimpses of a show which is adorned by perfect cast and excellent work behind the camera. Undoubtedly the premiere was grand and lived up to the hype surrounding the show- an Ooh la la episode. Hats off for this attempt of paying tribute to 100 years of Indian cinema on television where the viewers will get to witness what lies beyond the whims and fancies associated with stardom. 

When it’s a tribute to the world of glitz and glamour how can the serial be devoid of it? The one hour episode with just a short popcorn break made me forget that I was watching a serial and not a movie of the 70s.The opening scene reminded me of Gabbar Singh and his sidekicks from the movie Sholay. But here ‘Ab goli kha’ moment was reserved for the poor little girl Trishna and later her cruel father forced it to be an ‘Ab apple kha’ moment. OMG how petrified the little girl was. I have never seen a serial shot in such a filmi style. It was a treat to watch almost all the ingredients of a masala movie of the 70s- hits and misses, male chauvinist husbands, tyrannical thakurs, deserted areas (I have always wondered why villains of that era never preferred being in plush green areas), sidekicks, guns, ablaa naaris and more. The missing element was boy meets girl and love blooms- something which has to come as the story unfolds. The loving step mom was an exception here as Trishna’s step-mom dotes on her. I must say this thakur uses bullets more than he uses words. At the drop of a hat, he fires a bullet in the air. I felt like saying, “Ye gun humko de do thakur”, “Ye gun humko de do thakur”.

The item song ‘Choli ke peechey kyaa hai’ where the thakur was enjoying himself with the nautch girls also had traces of ‘Mehbooba Mehbooba’. A couple of observations on the flip side: the set up despite being larger than life did look a bit outdated for 1991. Thakur Saheb can sue Subhash Ghai for lifting his song as Khalnayak was not released then. But anyways drama is drama. As long as it entertains us, we can choose to overlook things and not get into nitty gritties.
So this Thakur Balraj Chaudhary has complete disregard for women, be it his wives or his daughter. His mother is an exception to this rule as we could see his reins in his mother’s hands. That made me recall Thakur Saheb needs to watch Aamir’s SMJ first episode, but how could he as it wasn’t there in 1991. I am sure as the story progresses, the turn of events in his life will make him feel guilty to death for abhorring daughters. He will also get to watch SMJ in 2012 which might open his eyes.

A special mention to the Ganpati scene. It was brilliantly executed and Pallavi’s performance was mindblowing when she faces Thakur’s henchmen and shouts at them. The subsequent scene was the highlight when the lights are on and there is a film set. The shot is called-Lights, Sound, Roll Camera, Action and so the story will pick up from here as per the first promo.

I must say excellent acting by the cast - Shagufta, Raj Zutshi, Pallavi Purohit, Lalit Patimoo, Sushmita Mukherji and the child artist Druti Zaveri. The episode was good enough to capture my attention that I forgot I had been waiting for Drashti’s entry all these days. From what I have seen till date in the promos and in the first two episodes, my gut feeling says that this show has the potential to become an instant sensation.

The chase continues in the second episode as the mother daughter duo are fortunate every time. There were amusing and emotional moments in the episode. Roma seems to be an interesting character. I think with her help Padmini will become a junior artist later as she will need to fend for herself and her daughters. I am eager to see if the story will take loose inspiration from Om Shanti Om as it delves deep into the life of junior artists later. The way thakur’s henchmen keep falling on the props provided some comic relief amidst the tense moments. In a nutshell, I can say that iss kahani mein drama hai, emotion hai, comedy hai and action bhi hai.

The star is yet to be born. All I can say is ‘Picture toh abhi baaki hai doston. Aage aage dekhte hain hota hai kya’. The stage is set, the foundation seems to be solid and only time will tell if this serial turns out to be a blockbuster or not. All the best Madhubala team!

Recommendation: YES, stay tuned to Colors at 8.30 PM from Mon-Fri.

Rating: ***** (5/5)

Written by:
Shweta Singh